3D Model of
Electronic Classroom

Electronic classroom #3
(Click on image for larger view)
Model created by Jack Leach
with Autocad and 3D Studio Max
This model depicts a world class learning environment. Not only is the room fully equipped for interactive video distance learning, but each student position features a computer with built in monitor and video camera under a glass panel. The keyboard, mouse, and a small headset/microphone are located in a pull-out drawer. All computers are networked, have internet access, and include videoconferencing hardware for one-on-one conferencing over the internet.

The instructor has full control over all electronic elements of the local room as well as far-end control of the distant classroom(s). Also, from the teacher workstation, the instructor may view and control any of the students computers or route any computer to the large screen monitors in the front and rear of room, as well as the distance learning remote classrooms.