Example of a Custom
Media Cottage
Distance Learning Classroom

Front View
This drawing depicts a fully equipped distance learning classroom fitted for transmission to the network, and up to three simultaneous receives from the network. The teacher workstation houses all the system electronics and features a document camera, computer with Internet connection, a VCR, and a small, easy to use master control panel.

All microphones and loudspeakers are flush-mounted into the ceiling leaving the student desks free of clutter and exposed wiring. (and protects the microphones from "busy pencils") This scheme allows for complete flexibility in the arrangement of the student tables to suit the course. The trapezoidal tables, depending on their orientation, can be arranged in rows, in a "U", or even in a complete "roundtable" configuration.

Monitors and cameras are suspended from the ceiling and carefully placed to ensure optimum viewing angles for both the teacher and the students.

Side View
This side view shows the position of all eight video monitors and the teacher and student cameras. An important consideration is the placement of the teacher monitors to allow simultaneous viewing of the local class and the incoming receives without having to tilt the head upward. This helps integrate the remote students into the local environment as eye contact can be maintained at all times.

Note that in a room with only one receive, the same parameters would be applied. The only difference would be that the outmost 2 monitors in both the teacher and student monitor banks would not be present, leaving two monitors - a local and receive - in each position with the cameras centered. (chairs omitted for clarity)