Audiovisual System
Consulting and Design

Prior to the design of an audiovisual or distance learning facility, numerous issues must be addressed to ensure the optimum utilization of your valuable real estate. Also, the ability of a chosen space to provide the desired capabilities must be verified.

audiovisual system design sessionAfter engagement, our team will first define and analyze all technical variables associated with the room and prepare a report to apprise you of potential capabilities. Next, budget estimates are prepared which incorporate the costs involved for the implementation of the capabilities elected, as well as costs for additional infrastructure to provide for future system expansion.

As part of the design process, and in conjunction with your architect or facilities planner, we develop electronic 3D models of the room showing layout, proportionality, and audience sight-line studies. These give the client visual confirmation that the room works well for the intended usage . . . prior to construction! We then develop a complete set of drawings and specifications which include electrical, mechanical, lighting, and acoustical details to be incorporated into the final construction documents.

The results are integrated, functional designs that answer current and future needs. And, our active involvement in project management through the design, construction, and installation phases ensures that projects are successfully completed in a timely and cost-effective manner.