Interactive Distance

At its most basic level, distance education takes place when a teacher and student are separated by physical distance – and technology (i.e., voice, video, data,) is used to bridge the geographical gap.

distance learning classroom, student viewInteractive Distance Learning is enabling K-12 schools and universities to provide educational opportunities to students who were previously blocked from curriculum due to distance, expense, or time-frames. Additionally, educational resources and teachers can become shared resources between multiple campuses.

Through the medium of distance learning, an educational institution can increase its class size and educational outreach while significantly decreasing the per student cost of a course.

distance learning classroom, control panelMedia Cottage is proud to be the leading purveyor of distance learning technology in Texas. Our award winning classroom designs incorporate an electronic multimedia infrastructure that is the most feature-rich and easiest to use system in the industry. (From the beginning, we have insisted that the instructors job is to TEACH rather than serving as technical director of a "video production".)

And, we can bring a custom, fully installed system into your classroom for less money than many vendors are charging for the off-the-shelf, "roll about" videoconferencing systems that were actually designed for business use. (i.e. 4 or 5 people)

With a custom Media Cottage system their will be no TV's on carts, no 'push to talk' microphones on desks, no wires strung across the floors, and no cameras on flimsy tripods. Every element of the system will be built into your room in the optimum position. And the teacher workstation which comes with every system locks all system electronics away from harm while providing the instructor with ample work-space for computer, document camera and teacher support materials.

distance learning classroom, teacher view

CLICK HERE For example drawings of a custom distance learning classroom.

Please visit our Design Page for a look at the attention to detail that we give to the design of every classroom and audiovisual system.

The two prevailing transmission mediums utilized by our classrooms are T1 (compressed
video at bandwidths ranging from 384Kbs to 1.5+ Mbs) and DS3 (full motion, uncompressed video at 45Mbs). New compression
Confused by the terminology? Then Click Here and visit our Telecommunications Glossary!
schemes, approaching the quality of uncompressed video, are being planned for upcoming classrooms. The result will be higher quality video at less bandwidth, equating to lower transmission costs.

We would be delighted to provide you with additional information, including a free, no obligation budgetary estimate, for your distance learning facility. Please contact Ed Wood at 512-847-8956, or CLICK HERE to submit your request on line!

Media Cottage is a State of Texas GSC approved Qualified Information Systems Vendor (QISV).

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