eMath Video Production
to be provided by
Media Cottage

Under a TIE grant (Technology Integration in Education) from the Texas Education Agency, the East Texas eMath consortium has contracted Media Cottage to provide thirty 15 minute videos which will be used to interactively teach mathematics to 6th, 7th and 8th grade students. Video content will be provided as ten videos for each of the three grade levels. Henderson ISD is the Fiscal Agent for the project.

Teachers from several East Texas school districts will conceptualize real world situations from which mathematical concepts will be extracted in order to reinforce the application of math in everyday life. Salwa Khan will provide video scripting and project management and coordination for video production of the thirty individual teaching modules.

Topics planned for the series include managing a family budget, issues with pet populations, waste reduction, drivers education and the making and marketing of candy, among others.

Videos produced will be utilized by ACTV, a New York online educational content creator, to provide the interactive problem solving and presentation packages for the project.

Click here for a three minute video that will introduce you to the Pi Family as they learn about math in the 'real world'.