Free Classroom Budget Estimate

Answer a few simple questions about your classroom and we will provide you with a no-obligation budget estimate for the installed cost of your distance learning system!

Confused by the terminology? See our GLOSSARY of distance learning / telecommunications terms and definitions!

All information and answers are important for an accurate estimate. Name, Email, School, and Room Dimensions (Length, Width, Ceiling Height) are REQUIRED entries. We must be able to determine the LOCATION of your school. You must have Excel to open, read and print the emailed response.

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First, Tell us about your classroom

The CLASSROOM we will use is:
What is the LENGTH of the Classroom?
What is the WIDTH of the Classroom?
What is the classroom CEILING HEIGHT?
The CEILING TYPE in the classroom is:
Type of LIGHTING in the classroom:
How many LIGHT FIXTURES are in the Classroom?
In your opinion, does the classroom have ADEQUATE AND UNIFORM lighting?
Is your classroom CARPETED?
What COLOR is the classroom painted?
Is your classroom in close proximity to NOISY AREAS- i.e. the Gym or Band Hall?
What type of walls does the classroom have?
If on an outside wall, HOW MANY WINDOWS are in the classroom?

Now, a few questions about how you will use the classroom

Will your room only RECEIVE classes, or will you TEACH distance learning classes from it?
What is the MAXIMUM NUMBER of students you wish to accommodate per class?
Will you dedicate a COMPUTER to this classroom?
Do you wish to be able to display the COMPUTER SCREENS on the large classroom monitors and over the distance learning network?
Do you want the ability to RECORD classes to VCR tape?

Finally, we need to know, or help you plan, how your classroom will
CONNECT to other classrooms

Do you have EXISTING digital service?
If above is yes, WHO PROVIDES your digital service?
Does you School District have a WIDE AREA NETWORK?
How will you ESTABLISH CONNECTION with other classrooms?
If possible, would you like to SHARE ONE T1 between Internet and your video classroom?
Best Guess: HOW MANY COMPUTERS do you have connected to the Internet?
Please use this space for additional comments or to list other requirements you might anticipate for your classroom.

Thanks for submitting your information! We will promptly compile a budget estimate for your classroom and return it to you via email.