Frequently Asked Questions

Powering the System ON

To power the system ON, simply press the "system power" button on the control panel. When the system is ON the LED indicator in the button will be lit.

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Volume UP/DN buttons

These buttons control the Master Volume of the audio reproduction system in your room. Each press of the up or down button will incrementally increase or decrease the volume level coming out of your speakers.
These controls DO NOT have any effect on the transmit level of your room.

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Can I use the VCR buttons on the deck to play and control my tape?

You Should Not use the buttons on the VCR itself. Always control your deck from the VCR buttons on your table top control panel. This will ensure that the system is in the proper mode for the chosen function of the VCR.

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"Train" the Audio System

Training of the audio system is accomplished by pressing both the volume up and the volume down buttons simultaneously. This causes a hiss in the audio for about four seconds.

While performing this function, the system is "listening" to itself and the current acoustic environment of the room. This enables the echo canceller to "set up" and prevent echo and feedback in the room.

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Why can other schools "see" my room even when my System is OFF?

When you turn off the system power, you are actually only turning off the audio amplifier, the microphone mixer, and your video monitors. The video cameras remain powered. They are solid state, consume very little power, and prefer not to be switched on and off.

Most classrooms leave their system switched to document camera and place their school name or logo on the document camera. This allows immediate identification of your room when other schools go on-line with you or when technicians are remotely testing the network.

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When my system is OFF, should I see any Power Lights lit on my equipment?

Yes. several items of equipment do not power off. These include the control system, the echo canceller and the routing switcher.

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Why is Computer output not as crisp on my Video Monitors as it is on the Computer Display?

In order to be used with the video equipment in your room and to transmit over the network, the high resolution computer graphics output must be down-converted to a (relatively) low resolution video signal. In this process - which converts the 640 lines of resolution coming out of your computer to the approximately 500 lines of video resolution - some information must be lost.

Best results are obtained by keeping your computer in 640 X 480 resolution mode and by using larger fonts in your computer presentations.

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Can I record a class if the system is not "On Line"?

Yes, you may. In fact, many instructors record classes which are not on-line for use later, for students who are ill or absent, or for distribution through other channels. All elements of the classroom system may be used at any time - on line or not.

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Should I do anything special prior to powering my system OFF?

Nothing special MUST be done, but as a matter of courtesy for the next user of the room you should remove any tapes from the VCR and clear the work area of materials which do not pertain to the next scheduled class. Also, check that the wireless mike transmitter (if used) is turned off to conserve the battery.

When powering the system off, press only the system power button on the control panel. The LED will go out to indicate that the system is powered down. Never turn off individual equipment items.

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