Media Cottage Installation Services

Our clients can be assured that their project will be on time and on target by engaging Media Cottage to install their audio visual system. Media Cottage is uniquely qualified to provide total audio visual services from consulting and design to project wire consoleimplementation. By working with one integrated organization, customers can be assured of project success. The resulting continuity of project flow saves time and money and eliminates needless misinterpretations of project goals.

We strive for an individual approach to each project, working with the owners or their designates as part of a creative team to provide design solutions. We are a family of professionals with one goal in mind: to provide the most capable communication systems that technology can provide within budget.

Media Cottage represents most manufacturers of professional quality audio visual equipment as a dealer, distributor or integrator. This affiliation impacts projects to the extent that Media Cottage remains well informed regarding the availability, performance, cost, and release of products which might affect the project implementation.

control roomWe have the specialized talent to execute even the most complex presentation, videoconferencing, or distance learning facility. Further, we believe that active involvement in project management throughout the design, and coordination of other trades during the construction phase, ensures continuity for your project. With this approach, we can deliver projects with a higher degree of success and in a more cost effective manner.

video test eqpOur skilled technicians pre-assemble and fabricate all system components at our headquarters under the guidance of the system engineer. Prior to delivery, we perform complete testing of all systems to ensure conformance with the project requirements as well as our own internal quality standards.

Media Cottage field personnel perform and/or monitor the installation of all cable, wiring, millwork, structural supports, projection screens, loud speakers, and lighting systems and continually verify field conditions affecting our work responsibility. Prior to proceeding with the delivery and installation of audio visual system components, we inspect and certify the acceptability of work areas in which the equipment is to be installed. Equipment is then brought in for final hook-up, calibration and testing.

At job completion, we provide a professional presentation to your personnel and conduct in-depth training in system operation. This coincides with the delivery of system as-builts and documentation for the systems and their components.