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Understanding each element of a video or multimedia production is the key to a complete and innovative package. Our production artists, directors and editors never lose sight of the fact that you have a message to communicate. voiceover for productionThey have amassed the skill and knowledge that will help you choose both the media and formats to deliver your message with maximum audience impact. Quality scripting, creative videography, impressive graphics, dazzling special effects and compelling music are the building blocks that determine a truly effective production. Whether you need a quality video production, material for speaker support, or a complete multimedia extravaganza, Media Cottage will program prestige into your presentation.

Our highly experienced producers, directors, and editors (whose work has appeared on NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, CNN, PBS, etc.) can put together exciting, eye-popping moving pictures for output to videotape, compact disc, DVD, or the Internet.

Media 100 edit suiteIn addition to video, our extensive production capabilities include digital audio and video streaming, and MPEG encoding services. We also offer Kiosk design and development for interactive use in venues such as museums and visitor centers.

Output of your production can be Betacam, DVCAM, 3/4", any consumer video format, CD-ROM, or files prepared specifically for your intranet or the Internet and WWW. We support JAZ, ZIP, SyQuest 44/88, MagOptical, and DAT transfer mediums.

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