Expansion Completion
good excuse for party!

Wimberley, Texas - October 22, 1999

You know how it goes . . . you bust your buns for months on a project, finally complete it and, well, IT'S TIME TO PARTY!!!

And what a party it was. We did it the 'Wimberley Way' with an old fashioned Street Dance starring Jimmy Ash and the Ash Family Band - complete with concert sound and stage lighting and a giant rear projection screen for close-up video shots of the band. Between sets clips from various Media Cottage productions were projected, including the first public showing of the "1999 Hillaceous Golf Tournament" highlights. (Edit completed about 5 minutes before start of party. . .)

Everyone enjoyed touring our facilities - particularly the new video production studio where everyone had a chance to experience our virtual set capability and "visit" various ports of call such as London, Paris, Rome and even the Utah desert! It's such fun to see the expressions of people as they look at the monitor and find themselves standing next to the Eiffle Tower or walking through a southwestern desert landscape. These shots were also routed to the projection system outside for the enjoyment of the crowd.

In addition to the studio, the tour included master control and our non-linear edit suite, a new computer graphics suite, and the new audio control suite.

I have to give a very special thanks to all who worked so hard before and during the party to make it such a success:
  • Jack and Wes who ran cameras.
  • Sherry and Sherry who worked so hard in planning and in procuring the food.
  • Adrian who switched video and provided video titles.
  • Jeremiah who did dual duty on audio and lights
  • Bob and Salwa for conducting tours and explaining "what it is we do".
  • Robbie, Scott, and Duke for providing the beautiful tables, catering equipment, and keeping the food, beer and wine coming!
  • The Wimberley Chamber of Commerce staff who greeted and name-tagged the guests.
  • And, of course, Jimmy and his band for their splendid performance.