Under the expert direction of Robert Currie, Media Cottage is currently in production of a new documentary on the Vaquero which will run as an exhibit at a new museum in Serita, Texas. Funded by the Kenedy Foundation, the museum will celebrate the vast ranching empires which emerged in South Texas.

The exhibition has been created by Steve Harding Design of Houston. Currently under construction, the museum is scheduled to open early next year.

The documentary explores the Vaquero or Mexican Cowboy and his importance to the development of the Ranching Industry in early Texas.

Although production of the documentary will not be completed for several months, we recently edited a 'proof of concept' short for client and general review.

The short was well received and we have decided to offer it here as a "sneak preview" of the completed piece.

We will post news releases here with all pertinent details of project completion and the museum opening as they become available.

Click here for Vaquero Video