Presentation Tips

Preparing for a videoconference should not be different from preparing for face-to-face meetings. By following a few practical meeting tips and protocols, you can ensure that the technology will not interfere with the flow and productivity of the meeting.

  • The TV camera is more critical than the eye. For example, if you wear green, then the room light reflecting off your clothing may make you appear ill. Neutral colors and pastel blues and pinks are best for making all conferees look healthy.

  • In real life and on video, loudly patterned clothing and excessive movements or gestures can distract attention from the important meeting aspects.

  • Low-bit-rate motion video, (128kbps and lower) can make you appear disjointed if you gesture often, or "talk excessively" with your hands. By relaxing and staying cool, conferees can help the equipment perform better.

  • It's important to conduct videoconferences in a relaxed manner, even when the matter is urgent. Participants should give clear and unambiguous aural cues when they expect someone else to pick-up on a subject. Sending a copy of the agenda to other attendees in advance will allow them to know when in the meeting their input will be needed.

  • Don't get so wrapped up in the "distant parties" you forget the people that are in the room with you.

  • Since videoconferencing extends its reach beyond our country and our culture, it is important to understand who you are dealing with. Research a country's culture just as you would if planning a trip to that country. Know what gestures are acceptable. For example, in some countries, the "O.K." gesture (thumb and forefinger forming a circle) may be interpreted as giving a curse.