Multimedia Kit Ships to all Texas Schools

September 16, 1998
Wimberley Texas

Over 1500 copies of "Wired For Learning" were shipped today to K-12 schools and Universities throughout Texas. The 'Multimedia Knowledge Base' covers all aspects of bringing distance learning to a school or community. As an interactive training course, it will guide administrators, teachers, students, and community members in the planning and implementation of a distance learning network.

The kit consists of six informative and entertaining videos on different aspects of electronic educational technology. Additionally, an interactive CD-ROM presents course materials and references to assist in the planning process.

In production for over a year, the video's and CD-ROM were produced by The Media Cottage, Inc. under a grant from Texas Education Agency, Projects for Educational Technology. In addition to the multimedia kit, Media Cottage has designed and is maintaining a web site to keep the contents of the CD-ROM timely. The site may be visited at .

The Contents of the kit are detailed below:

"Seeing the Light"
VHS tape,
running time 13:00
Seeing the Light is the first tape in the series. It tells the story of several rural east Texas school systems that joined forces to bring distance learning into their schools. The result? -- more learning opportunities for students and community members and better preparation for all students for the world of technology and work.

"ABCs of Distance Learning"
VHS tape,
running time 12:00
The ABC's of Distance Learning is a valuable resource for all teachers who will be using a distance learning classroom for the first time--or for teachers who would like to know more about how these multimedia classrooms operate. Join a new "teacher" as she journeys from "How am I ever going to do this!" to "I can do this!"

"Taking the Hocus Pocus Out Of Telecommunication"
VHS tape,
running time 16:04
Taking the Hocus-Pocus Out of Telecommunication is an easy to understand primer on the basics of interactive telecommunication. Ricardo the Magnificent will help you become familiar with the technology. Learning the language will help anyone getting involved in educational technology, talk about it knowledgeably, and with confidence.

"Blueprint for Distance Learning"
VHS tape,
running time 14:10
Blueprint for Distance Learning will help get you from "here to there." You'll learn what to do to create a distance learning system and hear from those involved in an existing successful distance learning network. Learning about the pitfalls now can help you avoid them in the future.

"Frequently Asked Questions About Distance Learning"
VHS tape,
running time 29:00
Frequently Asked Questions About Distance Learning provides answers to questions you may have about distance learning. Two experts on the topic supply the answers, based on their years of experience in the distance learning field.

"What Students Want, What Students Need!
VHS tape,
running time 13:12
What Students Want, What Students Need! Who benefits from distance learning? We all do. Hear from students, parents and community members who have felt the positive impact of distance learning. Speakers provide insight into why you should consider it for your schools.


Wired For Learning A complete interactive knowledge base on CD-ROM which provides course materials, printouts, practical tips, and links to on-line resources for distance learning technology.

The Media Cottage, headquartered in Wimberley, Texas, is a multimedia design, installation, and production firm specializing in telecommunications, educational, and presentation technologies. Founded in 1993, the firm works with regional, national, and international clients.