Capitol Visitor Center – Austin, Texas
The Media Cottage, in association with Steve Harding Design, of Houston, Texas has completed a documentary film which tells the little known story of the XIT ranch and its relationship to our Texas State Capitol. The project was commissioned by the State Preservation Board for a new exhibit in the Texas Capitol Visitor Center in Austin.

When our State Legislature decided to build a new Capitol building in Austin bids were solicited. The winners, two brothers with a mercantile empire in Chicago, agreed to trade three million acres of land from the Texas Panhandle for the construction of the Capitol. From this transaction, the XIT ranch was born.

The 16 minute documentary details the evolvement of the project and the ranch from its formation to its eventual division and dissolution. Over a year in production under the able direction of Robert Currie and Salwa Khan, the story is told via knowledgable historians, pictures from the era, and location footage shot at various locations in the panhandle. Extensive research was provided by many sources including the XIT Museum in Dalhart and the Panhandle Plains Museum in Canyon.

In addition to the film which runs in the visitor center theater, a complete interactive timeline of Texas History from the early 1500's to modern day is available to visitors via numerous interactive kiosks. The kiosks present a timeline utilizing rich graphics and streaming audio and video clips. Also available on the kiosks is a database of interesting Texas facts and a virtual 3D tour of the Capitol Complex.

Interateractive design and programming of the kiosks was provided by Media Cottage.

Online video available!
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cut of the XIT story.

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